Main Facts About High Yield Investment Programs

As you well know, nothing is more depressing than constant but small earnings. And even when your income is more than average, all “nest eggs” have main unpleasant property — they invariably get depreciated after some time. Protecting the savings from inflation risks can be reached only in two ways— to work harder and make extra money while risking to evolve into a work horse, or to make investing in HYIPs, high-yield investment projects. If you select the option 2, our investment web site is what you are looking for!

Key Features and Operation Principles of High Yield Investment Programs

So what is HYIP? The simple answer is HYIP is a high-interest investment project. The good sounding phrase hides the world-old Ponzi schemes, working according to the principle of “to rob Peter to pay Paul”: when income from the investment of earlier depositors is obtained from the funds of next scheme members.

In fact, these schemes are totally legit and a reasonably pervasive phenom — insurers, large banks, pension funds run on the similar principle. But if to carve out a share of cash cake from a pension fund or a bank is an especially hard and difficult task, even an amateur is able to receive fat gainings from HYIPs.

How to Look for Paying High Yield Investment Programs? Monitors

Okay, so you have decided to put money in a High Yield Investment Program. First of all you should find out the project payment status on several HYIP monitors, specialized online services, which monitor the actual payout capacity of most of the reliable investment projects.

On HYIP monitors you will receive not only data on the exact date & time of the recent withdrawal, but you can get domain & technical details on the HYIP along with look through comments of not fake HYIP investors.

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Ways to Work with HYIP Forums & Blogging Sites

Having visited HYIP monitors, it would be good to go through HYIP-themed online communities and investment blogs.

On these sites you’ll find thorough, honest reviews of
online investment projects, information about the last withdrawals, which are confirmed by screen shots, more importantly, you could even interact directly with the HYIP admin.

Practical Advice: HYIP-themed forums and blogging websites are not only invaluable channel of data on HYIPs, but alsoa perfect manual within investment. So, if you come across a blog post of investment expert or well-known or new promising HYIP forum, be sure to sign up.

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Pyramid Schemes at Present. Initial Coin Offerings

Filled with high-tech solutions, large amount of information, the XXI century has led to very important changes in financial sphere. old as the hills investment scam schemes have successfully mastered the Blockchain, being presented to a simple-minded crowd in the trendy clothes — Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

As you well know, an Initial Coin Offering is a type of fund-raising for crypto-related start-ups, and this type of fundraising does not have any policy framework. So it is no wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is Pyramid schemes, disguised as “noble” fund raising start-ups.

Nonetheless, we are able and even need to get good return from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)!

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