HYIP Investment in Simple Words

As you well know, nothing’s more depressing than permanent but small money. Even supposing that your paycheck is higher than the average, any financial assets have main shortcoming — they invariably are being devalued over the years. Protecting savings against inflation can be achieved only by one of the two methods— to work more hours and earn more while risking to morph into a workhorse, or to put up the money in HYIPs, high-yield investment projects. If you select the option two, our website is what you were looking for!

Basic Features and Working Principles of High Yield Investment Programs

What exactly is HYIP? The answer is simple: High Yield Investment Project is a high profitable investment site. The good sounding title hides the world-old fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes which are operating by the principle of “to borrow from Peter to pay Paul”— when returns on investment of earlier scheme depositors is created from investments of new depositors.

By the way, such schemes are quite legit and a very common phenomenon — insurers, big banks, retirement funds are operating the same way. And yet, if to grab a piece of cash cake from a pension fund or other financial organizations is a really hard and difficult task, even an amateur is able to make big income from High Yield Investment Programs.

How to Search New HYIPs? Monitoring Sites

So, you’ve decided to invest in a HYIP. The first thing to do is to see the HYIP listing status on online monitors, special websites, that track the actual payment ability of most of the reliable investment projects.

On HYIP monitors you can find not only data about the exact date of the recent payout, but you can find domain and technical info about the HYIP program but also find out comments of real online investors.

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HYIP Forums and Investment Blogs

Having checked up monitoring services, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to browse through HYIP-related online communities and investment blogs.

On such type of web-sites you will get access to substantive, candid descriptions of
online investment projects, info about the last payments, which are supported by screen shots, more importantly, you can even contact directly with the online investment program admin.

Small Life-hack: HYIP forums and investing blogs are not only valuable sources of data on High Yield Investment Programs, but as wellan excellent manual within investing. Therefore, if you discover a website of investment expert or a cool investment online community, be sure to get registered.

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Pyramid Schemes at Present. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Packed to the rafters with high technology, a significant amount of information, the XXI century has led to significant changes in financial games. World-old Ponzi schemes have successfully took advantage of Blockchain technology, being presented to an untutored public in the fashionable look — ICO.

As you know, an Initial Coin Offering is a form of fundraising for crypto-related projects, and, importantly, such type of fundraising does not have any policy basis. It is no wonder that the significant percentage of ICOs is Pyramid schemes, which are disguised as credible fundraising startups.

However, we are able and even should to earn big profit from Initial Coin Offerings.

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