The ABC of HYIPs

As you well know, there is nothing more demoralizing than permanent but small income. And even when your earnings is above average, any savings have key unpleasant property — they slowly but steadily are being devalued after some time. Protecting the savings from inflation risks can only be achieved by one of the two methods— to work more hours and earn more while risking to morph into a drudge, or to invest wisely in High Yield Investment Programs. If you prefer the option two, this web site is what you need!

What are HYIPs and How They Function

What exactly is HYIP? It is simple: HYIP Project is a high-profitable investment site. The pretentious phrase hides the old as Adam Ponzi schemes, operating on the principle of “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul”: when returns on investment of earlier scheme participants is paid from the funds of fresh scheme members.

Actually, such sort of schemes are absolutely lawful and common phenomenon : insurance companies, central banks, pension funds run on this pattern. But if to extract a piece of money pie from a retirement fund or other financial companies is a very complicated and tricky task, even an amateur could receive big financial return from High Yield Investment Projects.

Where to Look for New HYIPs? HYIP Monitors

Okay, so you’ve decided to invest in investment project. First of all you need to see the HYIP listing status on two or three HYIP monitors, specialized websites, that are tracking the current payment capacity of most of the trusted HYIP programs.

On monitoring online services, you will obtain not only info about the precise date and time of the recent payout, but you can see technical details on the HYIP as well as go through feedbacks of real online depositors.

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Ways to Make Use of HYIP-related Forums and Blogging Platforms

Having checked HYIP monitors, it wouldn’t be too much to browse through HYIP online communities & investing blogs.

On these websites you will have access to substantive, honest reviews of
online investment programs, info on the recent payments, proved by screen shots, furthermore, you could even communicate directly with the HYIP admins.

Small Advice: HYIP-related online communities & investing blogs are not only invaluable generator of information about HYIP programs, but additionallya great tutorial within online investment. Therefore, if you catch a site of a skilled HYIPer or large or fast growing HYIP-themed online community, be sure to register.

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Initial Coin Offerings as Present-day Ponzi Schemes

Crammed to the brink with high-tech solutions, a significant amount of info, the 21st century has raised very important changing in financial field. World-old investment scam schemes have took advantage from Blockchain technology, being presented to an inexperienced crowd in the fashionable and trendy look — Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Everyone is aware, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a type of raising investments for crypto-related projects, and, importantly, this method of raising financial resources does not have any normative environment. So it is no wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is Pyramid schemes, under the guise of “noble” fund raising projects.

Nonetheless, we are able and even have to get good profit from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)!

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