HYIP — Melody of Success admin created this new HYIP site on October 17, 2019. According to the website, the creators of the project compare creativity in music with trading in the cryptocurrency market. In both cases, you need to use innovative thinking to succeed. For example, when the price of bitcoin increases, the price of most altcoins rises with a little delay. In addition, some of the altcoins are reduced in price. Trading bots of this company use this market feature. I won’t write that it’s late autumn because I’m sure that you heard about it if not from the newsletter, then from the news or at every step. All you need to know is a wave of scams in the field of HYIP will come to us on the eve of the New Year. That is, for about 49 days, you can safely choose delicious projects without waiting for scam for 2 days.

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