HYIP — Profit on Passive Trading HYIP has been working since 15th July 2020. According to the website, the Coinoma team uses different trading bots to receiving a profit. The user, who want to receive a net profit and do not want to take care of purchasing a reliable trading bot, pay for the remote working server and servers for permanent trading. Or users who are not yet ready to spend $ 1,000 starting capital for automatic trading can use the services of this investment platform. Reliable trading bots provide an 8-20% net profit per month, while Coinoma offers a 40% net profit. The company probably uses algorithms with Martingale elements, which can sometimes be pure gambling. Especially for a small deposit. The trader cannot use the Martingale strategy with a $ 20 deposit but can try with $ 1,000 and more. Coinoma team already collect more than $ 4,000 at the moment of writing the review. Perhaps this is just the story of a pure HYIP.

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