Welcome to the New Variation of HYIP.com!

Over the past ten-year period of operating, our project has been redesigned and re-shifted its conception scores of times. HYIP.com project has been running as an investment monitor, HYIP investing monitor with a HYIP forum, or even merely as investment blog.
As any other going forward marketplace the high yield investment space is modifying over time, same way our website moves following to current investment industry trends. Just now, we are glad to introduce HYIP.com visitors a current forum version.

What Are We Talking About Here?

Investing in ICOs is the general development direction of Internet investment for today. We are glad to offer you the separate HYIP.com forum section in which you will be able to leave your feedbacks about the latest Initial Coin Offerings, ask for info on recent ICO events, and also have a look at non-repayable coins distribution, recent AirDrops in AirDrop section.

If you wish to invest in Bitcoin & Altcoin mining you have go to sections dedicated to ASICs, cloud mining, and video cards. Do not hesitate to talk over whatever take into your head on the crypto mining or the best tokens & coins to mine with forum users.

High Yield Investment Program financiers are also welcomed on the specialized forum sections where they may talk about the latest HYIPs or have a look at well written detailed investment project reviews based on investment PROs’ views as well as users feedbacks.

On the forum pages you will get information on payment methods, crypto coin exchanges, and other fin offering tools & services for web investments.

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1% Interest per Day Without Limitation in Time

We don’t promise the earth, but 1% interest per day on $100 invested amount. In addition, initial investments may be requested and received back at any time.

HYIP.com Investment Plan

  • 1% Interest per Day
  • $100 Minimal and Maximal investment
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You can enter or withdraw from the HYIP.com Investing Program whenever he wants.