HYIP — Passive Income on Resale Sunken Pirate Ships HYIP started on July 27, 2019. The name of the project reminded me of the film, where the saxophonist pretended to be a millionaire, whose family company earns shells. The fantasy of the platform’s admin helped him create a similar program describe for potential investors. According to the site, Olivier from SHELLS CLUB LTD with 12110634 legit UK registration created an empire of earning on oceanic waste. Non-commercial organizations for cleaning the ocean from debris happily agreed to donate the received raw materials free of charge. Olivier created many of processing plants for souvenirs. He not only satisfied the growing need of tourists for souvenirs but also provided jobs for the Indonesian population. It is interesting to know that your keyring can be a piece of a sunken pirate or merchant ship. The company is raising money to launch similar projects along the coastlines of the whole world.

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